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Home Visit – The Flooring Store that comes to Your Door

We bring our store to your door.

The appearance of flooring can differ throughout the day depending on how the light changes in a particular room. Similarly, different textures and patterns can enhance, harmonise or clash with your existing furniture and wallcoverings. Seeing a range of options in-situ can really help to guide your choices.

That’s why we offer a home visit service. Our showroom van contains all the samples you’ll find in our store. As well as the samples, we bring our vast experience and creative skills, to recommend a selection of floorings to try in your room, helping to give a true likeness of the finished result.

Is the pattern too large or small?
Does the pattern repeat well?
Is the colour too dark or light?
What does it look like as the light changes in the room?
How does it look with your furniture?
Is it hard wearing enough for where it is?
Does it look as luxurious as you want?

Our experience will gently guide you through to the right decision.
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